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Our Program

The program considers all aspects of child development: cognitive, motor, social and emotional. The routine and plan of activities are enriched with several workshops throughout the week, such as arts, music, body and movement, yoga, circus, capoeira and cooking.

Hiboo offers the possibility of gradual initiation, so children can adapt in a pleasant way to the new school environment. Students of the first cycle have the option to start with two up to five days a week, expanding according to the needs of the family.


The process of adaptation is planned individually for each case, bringing the child and parents closer to an ideal experience for school initiation, respecting both their time and development.

The learning space should inspire and awaken creativity, so Hiboo has designed large, airy environments that favor natural light. Classes do not have a fixed room, sharing different spaces, alternately. They occupy the rooms according to the planning and development of the activities, expanding the possibilities of exploration and construction of the relations.

As a bilingual school, we have developed a Brazilian curriculum taught in the English language. Although, the learning of Portuguese, as our native language (with the expansion of vocabulary, knowledge of its structures, access to popular culture, songs and games), is also an essential element in building positive local links and is an important part of our program.

Learn more about bilingual education.

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