Social Emocional Learning

To change the world, we must begin with the transformation of a new generation that is able to demonstrate empathy, criticism, creativity and cooperation. That can cultivate positive social relationships, deal with their own emotions and solve problems in a responsible way. This new context requires that life skills for the 21st century is developed intentionally at school as an essential part of the curriculum.

Hiboo was created based on the best international studies and practices of socio-emotional competencies (OECD, Casel, Big 5, P21, Unesco, Center for Curriculum Redesign, among others), the recent national common curricular Brazilian base (BNCC) and a vision of education sensitive to the needs of our social and cultural reality. The five major competencies of our proposal are articulated with complementary ones, organizing and structuring the curriculum and activities that will be developed daily by the students.

Also known as education for the 21st century, learning by socioemotional competences aims to promote the integral formation of children. It is a set of skills related to the various dimensions of the human being, which prepares them to deal with the current reality and the challenges yet to come. It is essential for the full development as an individual, the exercise of citizenship and the construction of their own identity.