Afterschool Program

The full-time school model must go far beyond increasing the child's amount of time in school. It should expand the training, the possibilities of exchange and construction of new relationships; encourage overcoming vulnerabilities; give freedom to discover interests and explore skills; integrate the school and the family. It should provide an integral development of the child in every aspect f her or his being.


The AfterSchool is a program developed especially for the school counterturn. Its planning is in line with the same principles of Hiboo, by the matrix of socio-emotional competences, reinforcing concepts such as perseverance, sociability, autonomy, collaboration, generosity, initiative, among others.

The program has its own curriculum and dedicated structure of educators. It operates on a part-time basis, always opposite to the regular shift. In addition to working as a counterpart to Hiboo students who study in a semi-full or full-time, AfterSchool welcomes students from other schools with an interest in developing an expanded curriculum.


The child has the opportunity and freedom to experiment and identify diverse and comprehensive interests, developing activities geared to each age group, such as parkour, music, circus, arts, yoga, capoeira, maker workshop, cooking, dance, swimming, and others.

The AfterSchool grid is flexible to assist in the organization of the family routine and respect the time of each student. Families can choose between different formats, from one to five days a week.

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