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Admission start date:

1st semester: 1st of September of the previous year

2nd semester: 1st of March of the current year


The priority for admissions meets the following criteria:

(1) children of Hiboo and AfterSchool educators;

(2) Brothers of students already enrolled;

(3) chronological order of sending the pre-registration form through the website.


Enrollments can also be made during the year, if there is a vacancy. These will be given priority to families on the waiting list, respecting the same order of sending the pre-registration form.


Hiboo favors diversity and the right of access, so it does not apply any selection process. There is no need for prior knowledge of the English language.

Pre-enrolment form

Student name* *

Date of birth* *

Responsible's name*

Phone number*

Responsible's e-mail*


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